Historic Statue of John Lennon for Sale


Bruce Replogle, Director of Rock Management USA, represented John Lennon
and Yoko Ono, as their only personally-hired  Publicist.

Now, in addition to his representation and promotion of such artists
as diverse as The Cure and Red Hot Chili Peppers, he is representing
John Lennon once again.

Replogle has the exclusive contract to sell the life-size bronze statue
of John Lennon.

The following is from artist, Brett-Livingstone Strong’s website, detailing
the provenance and importance of this singular, historic memorial to

“This is the only statue of the uniquely talented and legendary John Lennon created during his lifetime. Sculpted by Brett-Livingstone Strong between 1979 and 1980, this work of art honors John Lennon’s life and his vision for world peace. The statue has been unveiled in Los Angeles in 1981 by LA Mayor Tom Bradley, and in New York by Andy Warhol. It has also been exhibited worldwide in the 80s. In the 1983 US festival it joined Bono and U2 on stage for a concert with an audience of over 300,000 people. The Lennon statue was also showcased by the Grammy Awards Music Academy in Los Angeles for close to a decade. In the early 80s Rolling Stone Magazine received over 250,000 signatures petitioning to overcome a park moratorium to have the statue placed in New York’s Central Park. With such a unique and wonderful history, the valuable original statue has been appraised in excess of $12 million by museum appraisers. The statue is mounted on a polished marble base in which the word ‘Imagine’ is carved. ”

Mr. Replogle represented John Lennon in life, and now is honored to continue
to represent him in memoriam with this stunning work of fine art.

When asked what he thought of the intersection of his life with that of John
Lennon’s on so many occasions, Bruce simply said, “I’m honored.
It’s synchronicity, isn’t it?”

Imagine that.


More photographs, provenance, and all legal documentation available. ($2M USD).

Anecdotal stories of Bruce Replogle’s experiences with John Lennon may be read on the website.


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