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Leyva releases new album

Chris Leyva continues his upward trajectory with his new group the Dead 67’s and new album, Real Life. Leyva is prolific to a fault, but his latest really is his best. The band provides the perfect backing for his tunes, a solid rock band that wears it’s influences well – in this case a mix of rock, glam, punk and powerpop. Highlights include 4 great singles “New Life” a throwback to White Album’s Beatle , others include the gloomy but haunting ” Whos Gonna miss you” with his signature whiskey laced voice. Amongst other gems ” Heart Soul Rock N Roll” a Salute to the Clash, and the heartfelt “I Miss you” a minimalistic approach to the rest of the album simply a guitar vocal drums and bass is a tender but confessional song reminiscent of 1970′ Lennon’s Plastic Ono band. The album offers ton’s of beatle tricks and gimmicks and instrumentation found on the beatle’s “Revolver” but yet maintains its own “Leyva signature” on production. Although the songs are sometimes fun in the spirit of celebrating the single life of a Rockstar, it journeys in to the life of a musician . It isn’t always Glitz and glamour it is also long nights on the road, sleeping away from home and the memories of lovers gone bye.

Knowing Leyva’s history, even though this is a new disc, he’s likely already working on another, but this is a benchmark album that will be hard for him to top. If you’re new to the vast archive of Leyva recordings start here, while long time fans will find it a mandatory addition to their music collections.”

check out the artist responsible for the tours artwork !

Philip Manning aka PaintPot – “the Mars Machine.” 27 year old seeker of the strange, robot loving graphic designer, illustrator and artist. I’m always on a quest for that beautiful nightmare and its all good! Born in Montana, with the last 7 years spent in New York City with a BA in fine Arts and Graphic Design. I landed a job at Universal Music where I was trained under the masterful Art Direction of Mr. Hollis King who was a former student of Milton Glaser. Many years and album packages later, I now reside in sunny LA. The glass half full, art puke, with a vision to make it happen again. You can find me skateboarding the streets searching for that raw, dilapidated pile of inspiration. Work, draw, more work, and striving to carve a niche in the design and art world that is my own. You can check me out at Word!!

Philip Manning

press release

Split Personality Tour
Singer-Songwriters Embark on Ten Nation Tour
Tour to be Filmed for Documentary, New Music Released

San Diego: Teaming two up and coming singer-songwriters, San Diego based Christopher Leyva and Montana’s Taylor Brown, the Split Personality tour will take in ten countries in nine months, with multiple cities in each. Opening in Scotland on August 8 and ending in April 2011 with a run of shows in Japan, the tour will also stop in to England, France, Sweden, Mexico, Finland, Paris, Germany, Amsterdam, Australia and the U.S. ( NY,CH,LV,LA and more)

A true collaboration, Leyva and Brown will team up in performance with Brown playing his own material and providing backing for both perfomers with live lead electric guitar ,piano and live loops of drums and accompaniements – no prerecorded tracks.

Fans will be able to follow the duo’s exploits via a daily web blog, with a film maker on hand to document the journey from start to finish. Two albums will be released to coincide with this tour. Leyva’s “Black and Gold” his third solo effort, available at all the usual places online and in stores, is an ambitious double album, featuring a disc of pop material and a second disc of instrumentals. Leyva and Brown will also release a limited edition covers album, with songs from Ryan Adams, Oasis, Beatles, Leonard Cohen,Michael jackson and many more, available exclusively at their shows.

Though classified as singer songwriters, due to the occasional sighting of an acoustic guitar, what Brown and Leyva create is classic pop and rock, recast for the modern era. If you like music that’s strong on hooks and melodies, guitars and voices plus mixes with the new world of edgy electronics, The Split Personality tour should not be missed.

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